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Dragonfly pines

On a carpet of cones, where I lay looking
at needles blurred to sky by the sun
I saw that nothing was needed of me
but to forget myself. So I did
and a dragonfly landed on my elbow,
though since I didn’t see the descent
I’d say that it simply….appeared,
or subsonic,
cracked-glass wings spread out
like unstained windows
in the cathedral of itself,
widening and narrowing
the verdigris column of its tail.

Before, I’d only ever seen them speeding
along their secret vectors,
hovering at the nodes then slicing almost
instant lines in space.
But there it was, still
on my sunlit elbow,
foreshortened in my line of sight
but stretching seconds
into more than seconds
‘til the phone buzzed in my pocket,
an insect imitation
that launched the real one off into the pines,
which shone and tapered in the sun
like dragonfly tails.