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“I was waking at night because of stress. But after my hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew I began to sleep through the night and feel much calmer during the day too. I’d recommend him to anyone”
Rachel Paulson, Events Manager

“I had a phobia of close involvement with people that’s been with me most of my life. After my hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew I felt so free of my fear that I was able to finally move in with my partner and now we’re engaged and expecting our first child”
Robert Williams, GP

“Andrew’s wonderful hypnotherapy sessions have greatly helped me with my fear of driving. It has been a very positive and liberating experience”
Fatima Zahra, Complementary Health Practitioner

“From the first day I observed Andrew giving a hypnotherapy session to his fellow students, I felt he was born to be a hypnotherapist. It was as if he’d been doing it for years”
Blue Marsden, Director of Training, London College of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with a vast range of problems and challenges from addictions such as smoking and nail-biting to phobias, sleep problems, confidence issues, body healing and stress-related conditions. The hypnotic trance is completely safe and deeply relaxing – and any suggestions made to you in this state are entirely generated by your own wishes and wants, as discussed in an initial session. Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful healing techniques that exist, and dramatic results are often obtained from just one, two or three sessions.

Andrew Marstrand holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy from London College of Hypnotherapy. His approach is intuitive, receptive and responsive to his clients’ individual needs. Following an initial consultation, Andrew focuses not only on healing any specific problem or problems but also on creating an overall experience of wellbeing, healing and energetic transformation.

Andrew developed Total Being as a completely integrated and intuitive transformational system and his training and experience as a Life Coach and Bodyworker means you have the option of linking hypnotherapy sessions powerfully to your goals and aspirations using life coaching and integrating healing at a deep physical level with massage-based bodywork.

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