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You’re a genius

One day I walked past a Salvador Dali exhibition, its publicity promising me that I would get to see inside the mind of a genius.

In a playful mood I silently said to no-one in particular “I don’t need to! I’m already in the mind of a genius!”

My ego – my mind – would like to claim that I am a genius and that some people are not. I know, however, that this is not the case.

Imagine there is a five year-old child in front of you. What do you see as you observe this child in all its constant creation? You see an actor, an artist, a musician, a storyteller, an explorer, a scientist – a universe of abilities and possibilities wrapped up in that small frame. In short, a genius!

What can then happen to this genius is that he or she is compared to others, and found to be lacking. The genius can then take on this comparison, deciding that perhaps it is time to concentrate on an area or areas where the comparisons are more favourable.

Over years and decades, the genius – and those around the genius – may come to the conclusion that this wasn’t a genius after all.

But how can a genius become a non-genius?


You are still that genius. You have in your incredible mind, heart and body all the possibilities that have ever existed. Right here, right now, you are capable of anything – just as you always were.

It’s time to celebrate your genius!