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Andrew Marstrand studied Zen and art as a teenager, was trained as a film maker and went on to become a copywriter, editor, creative director, artist and poet. Through many years’ meditation, the study of psychology, philosophy & self-development and a deepening spiritual practice he arrived at a realisation of unlimited happiness, freedom, creativity and love. He has made it a life purpose to share this with others through his Total Being system of integrated transformational coaching, hypnotherapy and bodywork.

He holds a diploma in Life Coaching from Holistic Healing College, a diploma in Hypnotherapy from London College of Hypnotherapy and a diploma in Swedish Full Body Massage from the Therapy Training School. His many years’ practice of the meditative dance practice 5 Rhythms also informs his intuitive and energetic approach to transformation and healing.

He is based in London and is available for one to one life coachinghypnotherapy and bodywork sessions, creativity, coaching and meditation workshops and talks.To discuss any of his transformational techniques Contact Andrew here